Grief over a loved one at Christmas Time


I wanted to share something quite personal about what I experienced over this past Christmas Season. I lost my mother nearly 6 years ago and have been handling things quite well but on Christmas Eve I lost control and broke down. It was like I had just been told she past away and all I wanted was her to be with me.  It had been building for a couple of days  but I had been holding it in as I am not always so great at letting it out.

I thought that I should have been handling it better by now I mean it has been nearly years.  Let me tell you this is such a stupid way to be grief can come in the most unexpected of ways and places it is the way grief works. You do not need to push it down or push it away it is not something you need to be ashamed of either. Once I broke down and let it flow out I felt free and I felt the presence of my beautiful mother which was the greatest gift that I could have ever received.

My lesson for anyone reading this post is to never be ashamed of your grief or the journey you are taking. Everyone’s journey through grief is different and to be honest the journey is never ending and will always be a part of you life.

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