Future Works

At the moment I am working on two projects. The one, most near completion, is my children’s book called ‘Mummy’s New Home – A children’s book about the magic of heaven‘.

Mummy’s new home is a child’s inspirational journey of both light and hope to a place where pain and hurt no longer exist. It is an uncomplicated story of awe and wonder to a land without barriers. Let go and lose yourself in the uplifting sense of comfort and serenity. Embrace the joyful spirit of oneness and pour yourself into the lives of the people you love.
Mummy’s New Home is, in essence, a true celebration of life. Hear the music and feel the warmth. Let yourself be carried away in life’s everlasting flight to another world.

My second project is one about my journey through life with MS. The novel is called ‘Miss MS Unmasked‘ and although I don’t have a cover made at the moment. I will soon, so be ready for the big reveal!

Have you ever been told the words, It’s Terminal”, “No Cure,” or “We’re sorry to tell you…”; You know nothing good follows either statement.

If you have, you’ve probably been in the same position as so many others who have been given a
diagnosis of a terminal disease or life-altering autoimmune disorder. These words often etch into our brains the idea that there is no hope or that there is nothing else that can be done. We are not often given the hope that when all else has failed and everyone's best attempts fall short, there is still ONE who can handle anything.

This is the true story of healing from Multiple Sclerosis. What you will find inside this book are the true struggles and challenges of Michelle Heynen that faced her worst fears. She shares her story because she believes others need to know there is hope and anything is possible.
Michelle hopes this story brings faith and life to you to keep fighting the battles. You are a warrior and you’re not alone!

Stay tuned for further updates!