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When I sat down to read Reflections of Sandra, I was not exactly jumping for joy at the thought of a book that I was sure would put me right into a sad place. Like Ms. Heynen, I am both grieving and celebrating the loss of an incredible woman. The loss of my mother is still very raw, as she passed less than two months ago. I have been struggling to make sense of the whys and to move forward with life. This book might just e the thing to give me a bit of a gentle nudge (coupled with a swift kick) to get me back to the person that I know my mom was very proud to call her daughter. This story motivated and inspired me in ways that are difficult to put into words, and actions do speak louder. It is time for some change! I absolutely loved the stories of Sandra and her family the trials, the celebrations, the whole deal. I have no doubt that I will read this book again in a few months with a bit of a different view, and I am sure to take away even more. I cannot thank the author enough for helping me to see that I now need to get on with life to honor my sweet momma and for myself.

Mamta Madhavan for Readers Favorite

Reflections of Sandra: The Inspirational Story of How a Mother’s Passing Brought Her Daughter to Life by Michelle Heynen is a poignant account of a daughter who speaks about her mother’s passing and how she realized the importance of appreciating the people who are in our lives today. The book reminds readers to live every second of their lives as if it is their last, and she also gives strength to readers to find the light inside their darkness. The author’s courage, insight, life struggles, and her vision of handling grief and discovering a new way of life will help all those who are struggling with loss and pain. I found the book heartrending and the story and the author’s way of looking at life after her loss will be comforting to many readers and provide them with solace and hope. The author speaks about her mother’s battle with cancer, the difficult moments of handling emotions during that phase, and the life-altering lessons that are hidden inside sorrow. The loss of Michelle Heynen's mother and the
journey taken by her are uplifting and will help readers find the meaning of being alive by guiding them to discover a purpose worth fighting for and to see the deeper meaning of death. I like the way the topic has been handled; very controlled and toned-down- sentiments without being over emotional and dramatic when it comes to expressing sorrow and pain. The author has positive messages for readers through her story of loss, courage, overcoming grief, and healing. She gives hope to everyone and encourages them find beauty and purpose in the darkness they have faced so that they can find faith in life again and emerge as winners.