Freedom Poem

He saw my mum getting tired and a cure was not to be.

He wrapped his arms around my mum and gently said “Come with me.”

Mum suffered much in silence, but her spirit could never be bent.

Mum faced her pain with courage, up until the very end.

Mum fought hard to stay with us; her fight was not in vain.

As he took her to his loving home, and freed her from her pain.

Michelle Heynen

Losing my Mother

My mother passed away from cancer just over 4 years ago and I felt a deep desire to share how her death changed me and the way I saw and lived my life. It is true what they say, you can never truly understand until you experience it for yourself.

I once described losing her like it was the end of the world and the sky was falling on me. She carried me around for nine months, I learnt and developed my first relationship about love through her. She was the very first person I ever laid eyes on. She fed me when I was hungry, she was there when I started to crawl and then take my first steps in this world.

She was always there for me and she is in every single memory I have growing up. Whenever I was upset she was the to cheer and pick me back up again. Whenever I needed advice she was always there to provide a listening ear. She was a strong and loving mother who was always by my side and would always do anything for me and provided me the perfect upbringing.

My mother was the most wonderful person I have ever known, there is no one quite like her. She was such a massive part of my life and now that she is gone I guess I always assumed she always would be.

One never expects the sky to fall, as the sky is always there and always will be there. That is exactly how I felt about my mother.